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This is the synopsis revealed by The Hollywood Reporter about Netflix’s new adaptation of ‘Persuasion’: “Living with her snobbish family, who are on the verge of bankruptcy, Anne Elliot is a maverick woman with modern sensibilities. When Frederick Wentworth, the handsome man she once rejected, comes back into her life, Anne must choose between leaving the past behind or listening to her heart when it comes to giving second chances. “Reviewing adaptations of Jane Austen novels, we knew right away that it will have nothing to do with the best-known ones. We don’t expect a reproduction of the book, but a modern take on the iconic story. Rather than finding something similar to Keira Knightley’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, this film will be more similar to the stories of ‘Bridget Jones’ or ‘Clueless’, which are inspired by stories of the British writer. Specifically in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Emma’, respectively.

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He wrecked her life…and now she was going to have his child.Daisy, a young New York waitress, was horrified to discover that Leo, the man she was falling in love with, was actually Leonidas Niarxos, the Greek billionaire who had landed her father in prison, where he had died, alone and frightened. Feeling vilely betrayed, she turned away from him determined never to see him again, without telling him that she had just discovered she was pregnant.Five months later, however, Leonidas discovered her secret. He was unwilling to give up his daughter and, to make sure that Daisy would not try to take her away from him, he decided that the easiest solution would be to propose marriage. But for Daisy to say “I do” he would have to prove to her that he was worthy of her…LINK N°1 (NEW)LINK N°2LINK N°3 LINK N°4 LINK N°5

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Her pregnancy awakened in him a relentless desire to secure what was his.When innocent Hana Everly fell into the arms of her billionaire boss, Antonio Delacruz, he knew it would only be that night. She later learned she was pregnant. Her boss led a playboy life, where there was no room for anyone else.Antonio, abandoned at birth, had long since decided he would not be a father, so Hana’s news to him under the cherry blossoms of Tokyo came as a bombshell. It seemed impossible.LINK N°1 (NEW)LINK N°2 LINK N°3 LINK N°3 LINK N°4 LINK N°5

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Jay Wheeler – Song For My Ex (Audio Cover)

Once upon a time, there was a wicked girl.She lost everything that mattered, making the darkness unfold.Impulsive and smart, she helped her family name grow strong.But one day a heartless man came along.An undercover agent, meant to spy and find clues.Following her hidden path of faded yellow bricks.She hated him, he loved her.She was too good to be true.But a woman can be great…and terrible too.This one and the others here.

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We work together at Sebastian Industrial, and every time his cousin Scott uses me and dumps me, I know I can cry on his shoulder.  But when Brett confesses to me that he’s met a girl, something stirs inside me.Is it possible that I have feelings for him? What if I’ve been chasing the wrong Sebastian this whole time-LOVE HIM-❣️

⭐⭐ONE SINGLE NIGHT WITH YOUKate and Jason met at a bar and spent the night together.  The sex between them was exceptional. And that night meant a before and after for both of them, because neither of them had been able to forget the other, despite the months that had passed since their encounter. But fate has unexpected ways of bringing people together and made them meet again.  And they slept together a second time.  And the sex was again extraordinary, just like the third time.  And with that, everything changed…-I LOVE IT-.

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Can Sabrina be the constant Caston needs to help him make the life-changing decisions he needs to move forward…When the web of lies breaks, who will be left standing?

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