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¡Se ve muy rico! Me imagino que a uno le apetecen pedacitos y por eso uno diría “estoy hecho/a pebre”. Ahora que lo pienso, también se dice “*esto para recoger en cucharita” . Eso significa que uno está tan cansado que se convertiría en polvo o en pedacitos como pebre y la otra persona tendría que recogerte con una cuchara .

Sí, de hecho “derretir” o “derretirse” son verbos que usamos con cosas líquidas o comida en general como el queso derretido. Mientras que el verbo fundir se usa más que todo para metales y herramientas .

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The German coach, after the first leg at Stamford Bridge and before the second leg, had stated that there was no chance of achieving the machada. The British press described his cynicism in front of the media as ‘Mission Impossible’ in honor of the legendary film saga starring the famed Tom Cruise. However, deep down, he had a bit of a point. There is no one who can withstand the irreducible spirit of a generation of legends that is best matched by the magic of a stadium created for such great nights as these.

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If this Champions League had to bear a name, it would have to be that of Karim Benzema. The French player, consolidated as the best in the world, is choosing the most difficult place of all to leave his best performances. He has been scoring in three consecutive matches and has been decisive for a Real Madrid team that already exudes the aroma of champion. Because Los Blancos nourish their record with resurrections such as the ones against PSG and Chelsea.

And if anyone knows epic battles in this Champions League, it is Karim Benzema. The French striker has 38 goals and 13 assists in 38 matches played this season. However, in the current edition of the continental tournament his figures are soaring. He has already scored 12 goals in nine matches. He is determined to take the trophy pichichi of the competition, which now holds a Robert Lewandowski who has been eliminated by Villarreal.

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What has happened to the monuments of the so-called “discoverer” of America? Accusations, vandalism, moves and replacements in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Bolivia show that the trajectory of that admiral has been turbulent.

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In October 2019, plans to increase the price of the subway ticket in Santiago de Chile triggered protests – several of them violent – that showed to the whole world the discontent of a society rejecting the rising cost of living, low incomes and inequality.

Although the Green Party initiative initially failed, in October 2020 Mexico City officials removed the statue, which had stood on the central Paseo de la Reforma avenue since the late 19th century, from its pedestal for a scheduled restoration, but were considering the legacy of the man it memorialized, city officials said, as Al Jazeera reported at the time.

Today, the figure of Columbus is back in the controversies after the beheading of a statue honoring him in Boston and the vandalization of his figure in several cities during protests following the death of George Floyd, which question racism and police brutality in the United States and other parts of the world. In Latin America this debate began much earlier.

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